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My Impossible List

I want to do so much in my life, small things like eating ice cream + meatballs at Ikea or big things like saving the world (by planting trees). To actively work towards my goals and hold myself accountable for my actions, I am making my own impossible list! (Inspired by Thomas from CollegeInfoGeek) This is a personal list of things that I want to do that is constantly evolving and updated. Wish me luck!

Current focus: Work, pull up, run, skateboard, hike!

Recently Completed Goals

  • Pull up!
  • Running a lot
  • Scuba diving


  • Hawaii, US April 2021
  • Zion NP (angel's landing), US May 2021
  • Yellowstone NP, US
  • Rainier NP, US Summer 2022
  • Yosemite NP half dome, US
  • London, GB 2018
  • Tokyo, Japan (cherry blossom!) 2023/2024!
  • Seoul, Korea 2023
  • Vancouver, CA 2019
  • Beijing, China 2023
  • Chonqing, China
  • Taipei, Taiwan 2019
  • Banff, CA
  • Singapore, Singapore 2019
  • Disney World!
  • Sandiego Comic Con
  • Great Wall of China 2023
  • Pyramids
  • Quebec ice hotel 2023
  • Harbin ice festival
  • Costa Rica
  • Matchu Pitchu, Perou
  • Iceland
  • Venice (Carnival), Italy 2020


  • Attend a Hackathon (theLadyHacks at York University 2017)
  • Win a Hackathon (DeltaHacks at McMaster -> PresentR, an online real-time collaborative drawing board 2018)
  • Make an Android app
  • Make a iOS app(lol I'm an iOS developer rn)
  • Make a progessive web app (I made the most stupid PWA ever: a mirror app 😂) 2018
  • Publish an app on the app store
  • Make a dapp (decentralized app)
  • Make a Alexa skill2018
  • Make a Google Home skill
  • Become fluent in Python and stay fluent (I think I am fluent but not according to bf's standard -.-)
  • Attend a tech conference (Entreprise World 2017 - OpenText)
  • Attend Google IO
  • Attend F8


  • Half Marathon
  • Bungee
  • Skydiving
  • Scuba diving Hated it Hawaii 2021
  • 100 squats in a single set (Couldn't walk for 3 days after, but 100% worth!!!) 2018
  • 100 pushups in a single set
  • 100 situps in a single set
  • 1 pull up2021
  • 5 pull ups
  • run everyday or every 2 days for a month In Seattle 2021!
  • learn how to ski
  • learn how to skate really well
  • do an ollie
  • learn archery
  • Hike up a mountain and see the sunrise from there


  • Learn korean and be fluent enough to watch kdrama without subtitles
  • Be able to sing one full song well from beginning to end
  • Learn one piano song and remember it forever
  • Learn one guitar song and remember it forever
  • Learn one ukulele song and remember it forever
  • Present in front of 100+ people


  • Watch a musical (Come from Away - Toronto 2018!!! Best musical I've aver seen!!!)
  • Watch Wicked(With ❤️ in San Jose 2019, it was amaaazing)
  • Watch les Miserable
  • Watch Sound of Music
  • Watch Hamilton SF 2019
  • Watch the Lion King
  • Watch Singing in the Rain
  • Watch ballet
  • Watch opera (Turandot - Montreal)
  • Watch concert (Justin Timberlake - Toronto 2019)
  • Watch a F1 match 2022


  • Eat ice cream + spaghetti at Ikea
  • Pull all nighter (Winter 2017 - Waterloo, we played werewolf all night haha)
  • Take care of my plant and not kill it
  • Plant 100 trees 🌲🌲🌲(12 done but 1 dead)
  • Plant 1000 trees 🌲🌲🌲
  • Plant 10,000 trees 🌲🌲🌲
  • Make a full diner for my familly
  • Buy expensive bag for mom
  • Know the end of One Piece
  • Know the end of Detective Conan
  • Meet a kdrama star by concidence
  • Meet a kpop star by concidence
  • Meet a Chinese star by concidence
  • Jay Chou concert
  • 周深 concert
  • Kpop concert(Hyukoh SG 2019)
  • Take pic with actor/actress
  • Take pic with Andy Murray
  • Regarder les feux d'artifices sur le pont au dessus de LaRonde(Summer 2016)
  • Voir le levee du soleil sur le Mont-Royal
  • Voir un spectacle de Cirque du Soleil au Vieux Port de Montreal
  • Inviter ma famille a aller voir un spectacle de Cirque du Soleil avec mon argent
  • Inviter ma famille en vacances avec mon propre argent

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